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Every day at THE EMIZEN Group, we hone our experience and broaden our expertise on new projects and building types while remaining true to our commitment to quality and craftmanship. We are proud of what we build. We take absolute pride and responsibility for what we do. This is especially evident at the end of a project and extends to critiquing our deficiencies and providing this information to our team and the project/development team. This saves the architect and client project manager time and effort. We love building. We love making people's dreams come true. We feel very fortunate that we can create masterpieces that have been thoroughly thought out, detailed, and refined. Our passion ensures that consistent delivery of excellence.

Bringing together artists and architects to rebuild a community.


At THE EMIZEN Group we believe in partnership. We work closely with clients, architects, specialists and our own team, keeping all channels of communication open at all times. From commencement to completion and beyond, we work with you to deliver total satisfaction, mindful of time and cost parameters.

We pay great attention to estimating all aspects of your project up front and then monitoring throughout to keep you fully aware of outlay. We are flexible to your needs and open to a variety of costing and payment options.

Experience and Honesty.


Our highly motivated teams of professionals have vast experience in all construction and engineering disciplines, enabling us to handle any project with confidence as well as look beyond the obvious for innovative design and construct solutions. The best team is assembled to suit each individual project, including specialist consultants as required. THE EMIZEN Group professionals offer a sound knowledge of detailed programming, fast tracking, authority management, industrial relations, building pragmatism and cost control. Building a property is extremely exciting. However, inevitably it can also be stressful due to the number of choices to be made and the associated cost and disruption. At THE EMIZEN Group we aim to keep your stress to a minimum through prudent and thorough project planning, continual open and honest communication and by involving you in the process as much or as little as suits you.

Integrity and Quality


We take absolute pride and responsibility for what we do. Our commitment to quality, our attention to detail and 'doing things the right way' is what we believe sets us apart.

You can expect us to always tell you our thoughts when asked. We will be transparent with the building process and always endeavor to look after your best interests.



In order to meet our goals of providing the most innovative designs, we have partnered up with some of the most exclusive and recognized design firms in order to offer quality buildings and interior finishes.

Our partners work hand in hand with our clients and ourselves in order to provide custom designed buildings. Every small piece is custom created to give a unique character to that specific building.

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